I am a global citizen originally from Mersin, Turkey 🇹🇷 who lived in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 for five years and Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 for a year before.

Currently, I am living in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮

I serve as a Partner at Grow in EMEA and follow startup deals to invest and collaborate.

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Well, there were many mistakes on my path. I didn't know how to create a company, manage people, or measure metrics to grow. All this is summed up in the time I have wasted but learned. Now, I am sharing what I learned from the ups and downs of life with the curious ones, and still learning from them.

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I was lucky enough to convince great founders on joining their journeys. Mostly, I'm a quiet name on the cap tables and cannot take credits. All success is squarely due to their hard work and vision.

My proud list of startups, I already invested in. Public details of the deals are here 📈

Name Description Tag Web
🧮 REM People tech-powered retail insight solutions #retail #saas https://www.rempeople.com/
📲 Ekmob sales field automation tool #sales #mobile #bigdata https://ekmob.com/en/
🎥 AYVOS value-added image processing solutions based on artificial neural networks #bigdata
#ai https://ayvos.com/v2-1/index-en.html
☄️ Saastech improved dashboard for monitoring and managing your business in the sector of services #saas https://www.saastech.io/
☕ Kahve Gibi Kahve single serve coffee bag producer #coffee https://kahvegibikahve.com/
👋 Welcome Center needs for your new business in one place #bigdata
#saas https://welcomecenterestonia.ee
🏘️ A3 Grup Gayrimenkul land investor in Turkey, Dubai, and Europe #land http://www.a3grupgayrimenkul.com/
🚗 Bolt The fast, affordable way to ride. #mobile
#retail https://bolt.eu/
♥️ iLove VPN best secure vpn for digital nomads #mobile https://ilovevpn.app


I like feeding on different sources to understand real effects, reading handy reports to simplify the complex world details, and sharing all with my inner network since 2015.

Below are the public ones worth checking:

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